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About me: I'm an Iraqi. I was born in the south of Iraq in a small town called ĎAl Khodorí which is nearly 250 kilometers south of Baghdad in the Almothana province. I'm activist for human rights and peace. I'm also a book author and Ebooks publisher. Read more.


HUMAN-BUTTONS: Campaign against the illegal and humiliating actions of the UNHCR, who using photos of refugees as banners and human-buttons to collect money. This is an abuse of the dignity and humanity of the refugees and must stop immediately and a clear public apology present by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Read more.


URGENT, we need smile: As Iím refugee who has lived and still lives among refugees for more than 10 years at this moment, I have heard lots about the feelings of refugees regard the UNHCR and the way it deals with the refugees and how that has caused them to feel humiliated and ignored. I spoke about that in my books and my campaigns for years and I have pushed the UNHCR to make many changes in the way they used to deal with refugees. Read more.


My presentation at refugee day 2005:

When the UNHCR refused my request to participate in the fistful of the refugee day in the American University, I made myself a walking announcement board! 


I feel deep sorrow and sadness for our feeling as refugees, we have been treated like we're just files, with numbers just left in the drawers of the UNHCR's office and we face different kinds of danger and finish up as just human-buttons on the Websites of the UNHCR and the other money collectors using us to collect money from donors. Read more.


My organization UMACR United Mailing Agency Communication for Refugees.



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This book is:
Your window onto the truth. It's your bridge to other worlds. The worlds that have been hidden from your eyes. I hope my book will help you to open this window, to cross the bridge and to see the truth with your own eyes.

                     Story of my struggle to be a human being and the request for others to respect my humanity.

                     A true story, told on behalf of the poor, voiceless and the hopeless people, who are struggling to see the light in the darkness of their desperation. In their name as well as my own.


                     Message from my heart to your heart.


THE TRUTH WARRIOR The first book written by refugee and the first ebook about unhcr


Download the first ebook written and published by a refugee about:

 UNHCR, Iraq and Terrorism




I tried in my Ebook to open a new window for refugees to tell their stories, to tell us their opinions and to build new bridges with the world community.


For me this has been my first attempt to use my rights as a human being and to practice democracy in real life. I hope you'll support my project and help me to continue my mission and research to show the real truth, and to bring more truthful understanding to light!!!


Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss and gossip about other people.


An open and interactive book: My book is not just an Ebook you read it once, and toss it aside. It's a reference for lots of subjects, others and me like myself have had to deal with. It's a book of real live events that happened in my life and how I dealt with it. I'll update the book with new ideas and experiences from time to time. If you like; you will receive new issues from my book for free, and also I'll publish your feedback, also your contributions and your messages as part of public education & discussion.




Download the free ebook ANIMAL FARM By GEORGE ORWELL

free E_book refugees farm by osam altaee

Download the free ebook MY CAMPAIGNS By OSAM ALTAEE



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Contact me: I'm osam altaee, an activist for human rights, peace, terrorism and democracy. I'm concerned about unhcr and refugees problems